Learning Consultancy Steps for Corporate Training

How can learning consultancy make the difference to the success of your corporate training? In this article, PulseLearning discusses the 3 critical steps learning consultants use to develop training roadmaps that allow organizations to improve, manage, and develop the skills within their workforce to support business goals.

Learning Consultancy Steps for Corporate Training

Learning consultancy can make all the difference to the success of your corporate training. Through using an integrated, planned approach, you can ensure your employees have the right skills and knowledge to be effective in their roles and continue to develop personally and professionally. In return, a skilled workforce can drive company growth and help you maintain a competitive edge.

Just as you wouldn’t set out on a long road trip without a map and itinerary, the training journey you offer your employees should also be a strategic process. Structured learning consultancy will keep you moving in the right direction and ensure a safe arrival with plenty of fuel (resources) left in the tank.

In this article, PulseLearning discusses the 3 critical steps learning consultancy uses to help organizations develop their workforce skills to support business goals.

  1. Clarify business needs.
    On a road trip, the goal is usually to reach a destination on a specific day. You then plan where appropriate stops will be made along the way and the resources needed for the journey. It’s not that different in business. First, you need absolute clarity on your business goals so you don’t end up veering off track. With the end result documented, together with a learning consultant, you can then work backward to determine the skills and knowledge that employees require to achieve your goals. At this stage, conducting analysis of the current training situation can be useful to help identify the short-, medium-, and long-term training requirements needed to meet organizational goals.
  • Key questions:
  • What are your key business goals?
  • What skills and knowledge are required to meet them?
  1. Identify skill gaps.
    Imagine that you have several places you want to visit on your road trip. Without planning an efficient route, you set off driving between locations often backtracking and ending up on windy roads, which could have been easily bypassed. Failure to plan training, or responding to last-minute training requests, can lead to a similar haphazard result. In this next important learning consultancy step, the current performance and productivity of your team is examined to measure their efficiency in contributing to the achievement of your business goals. During this stage, many organizations discover that previous training efforts have been conducted on an ad-hoc basis, leading to resource drain and lack of consistency in training materials. A learning consultancy program will help you adopt a strategic approach to training and centralize training efforts so you cover the necessary ground just once!
  • Key questions:
  • How is your team currently performing?
  • How are you measuring their performance?
  1. Deliver a training strategy.
    Before launching into action and delivering your training strategy, along with your roadmap, you need the right vehicle that will last the distance. In the final stage, the infrastructure required to support the training you intend to deliver is set in place. You will also need to decide what training you will roll out first, which is likely to be training that will deliver immediate growth and development, then how you will follow up and systematically deliver training to build the desired competencies. Learning consultancy can provide the vision and focus to determine where quick wins and long-term training investments can be made. Any successful journey requires sound planning; apply the same approach to your corporate training and you’ll reach your destination efficiently, and with learning consultancy to help you, you might even enjoy the ride.
  • Key questions:
  • What training is needed most, first?
  • What infrastructure do you need to implement?
  • Where can you achieve quick wins?
  • Where can you benefit from long-term investments?

Is your corporate training taking you on the road to success? PulseLearning has the proven expertise required to help you develop and deliver a structured and goal-driven learning strategy. PulseLearning is an award-winning global learning provider experienced in learning consultancy and developing engaging and innovative eLearning and blended training solutions.

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