5 eLearning Tips To Increase Online Training ROI

In this article, PulseLearning explores 5 application tips of custom eLearning that can deliver maximum returns on your online training investment. Here is how to increase online training ROI.

How To Increase Online Training ROI

Custom eLearning is often thought of as a “nice-to-have” training solution; however, the truth is that many training situations cannot be adequately satisfied with off-the-shelf products. In fact, creating company-specific content could be the key to engaging learners and ensuring that learning messages are retained long term. Although it can come with a higher price tag, the initial investment for custom eLearning can be well worth it given the advantages providing unique content can offer. In this article, PulseLearning explores 5 applications of custom eLearning that can increase online training ROI (Return On Investment).

  1. Induction and onboarding.
    Did you know that most people decide how long they will stay in their job within the first week of employment? So it is important that your first impression is a good one. The key to retaining your employees long term, and ultimately reducing recruitment costs associated with turnover, could be a strategic and engaging custom eLearning induction. Successful induction training courses are your chance to show new employees what makes your company unique, how employees are valued, and how they will be guided and supported during their employment.
  2. Change management.
    Research shows that around 70 percent of change initiatives fail. The cause? Negative employee attitudes and unproductive management behavior can lead to change management failure. It is important to take employees on the change journey. Custom eLearning can be incorporated into a phased change strategy to incrementally disclose change and gain employee buy-in. Custom eLearning for change management pays off by keeping employees positive and productive in times of flux.
  3. Processes and procedures.
    Processes and procedures are the cogs in the engine room of all efficient organizations to ensure that tasks are completed effectively and consistently every time. A suite of short, concise micro-learning modules demonstrating best-practice application of processes and procedures, made available to employees on demand, could be the difference between good and excellent operations. An open suite of custom eLearning for vital business functions can serve as ongoing refresher training, continuously bringing key messages to the forefront for employees.
  4. System simulations.
    Has your organization implemented new systems or software, or updated those that already exist? Custom eLearning system simulations can support employees in embracing technology hardware and software changes, breaking down resistance and providing resources that can be revisited during the transition and implementation period. System simulation training can significantly reduce the time it takes for employees to become proficient in new systems, saving on additional training and mentoring.
  5. Sensitive subject matter.
    Custom eLearning can help you deliver sensitive “hearts and minds” subject matter to initiate behavioral change. Immersive scenarios that are relevant and relatable to your organization can provide stimulus for follow-up face-to-face training, while self-reflection can be used to provoke connection with difficult subject matter in a private context. Driving behavioral change can make a positive impact on your operations and employee efficiency, resulting in financial savings.

Would you like to increase online training ROI? PulseLearning can assist in developing a customized solution to improve the efficiency of your training. PulseLearning is an award-winning global learning provider experienced in developing engaging and innovative eLearning and blended training solutions.


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