What We Do

PulseLearning offers a full suite of high-impact services that enable your desired outcomes. We are your go-to resource partner—whether you simply need additional staff to bolster your team during a difficult time or full-service consulting, analysis, and program creation. We’ll earn your trust, working together to achieve success now and in the future.


We create customized and engaging learning experiences that inspire and motivate learners.

We use a learner-centric approach that emphasizes scenarios, simulations, and adult learning theory.

Blended Learning

We provide you with the ultimate flexibility in presenting training content through blended learning.

Virtual Reality

We create simulated environments where learners can practice skills safely and learn from mistakes.

Instructor-Led Training

We use expert instructional design to create in-person learning, whether that is onboarding a new hire or a two-day session for team building.

App Development

We boost learning engagement by developing high-impact custom applications.


We engage your learners by gaining their attention with gaming elements that deepen their participation.


We provide localization services to translate courses into languages needed to reach your learners.

Professional Services

At PulseLearning, we are a team of experts who base our work on your organization’s unique needs. We work onsite, virtually, or in a blended model. We can immerse ourselves in a singular task or engross ourselves in a complex project. Our consultants enhance your expertise, support your structures, and ensure your sustainability. 

Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation service enables reliable scaling of your organization with high-impact resources.

Learning Consultancy

Our learning consultancy program helps organizations adopt a strategic approach to training.

Change Management

We offer services to help thoughtfully manage change.

Compliance Training

With a heightened priority given to workplace ethics, we help support the establishment of effective compliance programs.

Learning Marketing Strategy

We can create learning marketing strategies to encourage employee use and retention.

Corporate Wellness

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