Social and Informal Learning – Innovating Effectively

We recently met with learning leaders in Australia to discuss what social learning is and how to do it well. A handful of key topics emerged.

1. To what degree is our organization prepared to embrace social learning?
Some companies have concerns about how to ensure the quality of the information that is being shared among employees. Strategies for managing the quality of information, without slowing it down, are essential.

2. Which tools should we use?
Not every tool suits every company culture or business goal. Selecting the right tool, or suite of tools, can spell the difference between disaster or success.

3. How do we ensure that everyone uses the tools – and properly?
Making a great decision on which tools to use is a good start. But, using the tools well is often a new skillset that participants must understand, embrace, and do.

Here is a short brochure that offers some ideas on how to approach this exciting and promising option for corporate learning. Comments below are open. Tell us what\’s on your mind about social learning.

What has your organization done well with social learning?

What challenges did you encounter and how were they resolved?

What advice would you give to a learning leader who is about to embark on a social learning initiative?

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