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Gamification joins the practicality of eLearning to the allure of gaming. At PulseLearning, we make learning fun because essentially, having fun enhances information retention.

According to gaming expert Gabe Zichermann, 75% is psychology and 25% technology.

Our gamification service transforms your employees, partners, and customers’ learning experience and engages your people in eLearning in a completely different way.

By implementing techniques from the gaming world into the world of education, your learners will enjoy increased interaction, changed learning behavior, and heightened stimulation because they will engage not just as learners but as gamers.

Our development service ranks your learners based on their knowledge and effort, lending a technique to the process that evokes pride, motivation, and ambition. It also eradicates tedium that is the enemy of great learning.

In line with your business objectives, PulseLearning’s gamification service delivers that all-important competency, all the while keeping your learners engaged and involved.

PulseLearning’s service is employed across all sectors including Technology, Hospitality, Retail, and Financial. Among our Clients using our gamification service are Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC), Goodstart Early Learning, and Australia Post.

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