Prepare your staff with skills required for 2012 Olympics

The People 1st State of the Nation report released earlier this year provided some pointed insights into training needs in the hospitality sector in advance of the 2012 Olympics. Hotel, restaurant and bar staff numbers have dropped by 30% in the last year – leaving the remaining staff to take on more work. In addition to the overall staff reductions, turnover rates remain high with 31% of employees leaving for new jobs. So, how can your hospitality organization thrive in such tough conditions while preparing for the massive influx of customers that the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics will bring?

Close up skill gaps

According to the People 1st report, employers have greater proportions of underskilled staff than last year (now at 26% or 180,000 workers). PulseHospitality training is ready to use off-the-shelf, but can also be customised to the unique needs of your organization. We can help you close those skill gaps, quickly and cost-effectively.

Support diverse learners

Migrant workers in the UK Hospitality sector were 20% of all workers in the last year. The PulseHospitality training solution was custom-built to accommodate the unique learning needs of all learners – including those for whom English is not their first language. We understand your need to ensure that all workers are fully skilled, regardless of their current English language proficiency. In addition to thoughtful, clear and concise instructional design, our courses can also be localised into other languages.

Make training fit you, not the inverse

Two more important points raised by People 1st are that many staff members will be hired at the last minute – and that all staff members will need to know how to provide great service to customers with special needs. The PulseHospitality solution is modular and online – so training can be completed in small bits when staff members have time – anywhere that they have internet access. Our PulseHospitality Disability Discrimination Awareness course will prepare all staff members to ensure that customers with special needs to be cheerfully accommodated with service that is equal to or exceeds that provided to other customers.

To speak to a member of our team about how PulseHospitality can help you improve team productivity and prepare for the 2012 Olympics, please email us at

\"\"Reference: People 1st State of the Nation Report

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