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Over our 14 years of learning development, we have identified a number of learning insights that we here at PulseLearning hold dear. Often, these aspects are key to the success of a Client’s learning solution.


1. Avoid Content Overload:

When content overload is a risk, we propose layering information into “need-to-know” and “nice-to-know” screens. The key ideas can be summarized with additional detail available through clickable interactions, enabling curious learners to dig deeper into specific topics and learn more. Visually impactful and appealing layouts help make the experience pleasing to the eye and set the context for learning and transfer.


2. Provide Advice:

At key points in the learning journey, we advise including an expert or coach to offer best-practice advice around what to do or avoid at those point in the Client’s process. The coach thumbnail can appear during numerous interactions and learning content with a pure focus on best practices.



3. Provide Retention Opportunities:

Interspersed throughout the teaching screens, we encourage the inclusion of knowledge checks to provide learners with the opportunity to process the information provided. Leaving an assessment to the very end can increase the pressure on learners; proving that interspersed knowledge checksincrease learners’ information retention.


4. Enhance Knowledge Transfer:

The key to improving comprehension will be authentic real-world examples. Providing learners with a sense of how successful execution is manifested in their day-to-day role can go a long way in assisting transfer from the training to actual operations.

If you would like some further information about these learning insights or would like to understand how to implement them in your own learning solutions, please drop me an email.

Ruby Spencer, Director, Curriculum Development


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