Importance of Mobile Learning for Training – Explained by Ryan Tracey

As part of our Mobile Learning for Corporate Training Series, we asked a number of key industry influencers to share their insights on the future of mobile.

In this article, Ryan Tracey shares his thoughts on the value of mobile learning to the corporate training industry and how Learning & Development (L&D) departments need to walk before they can run when it comes to mLearning technology.

By Ryan Tracey

The future of corporate training is mobile learning. This assertion is bandied about with increasing frequency these days, and I happen to believe it.

In workplaces where substantial amounts of time are spent in the field (think sales reps), mLearning is a no-brainer. Even in an office where everyone spends every minute of their work day under the one roof, who has the inclination – let alone the opportunity – to spend hours locked away in a classroom? Getting the learning experience to our people, rather than vice versa, makes business sense.

Now consider this environment in light of consumer technology. In their spare time, our colleagues lead intergalactic missions, roam the Amazon rainforest, and hunt adorable monsters. No wonder they have high expectations for EdTech!

But… we need a reality check. Halo, Google Expeditions, and Pokémon Go are the products of multimillion-dollar budgets that the humble L&D department simply cannot match. If we try to fly too close to the sun, our colleagues will be disappointed when our wings inevitably melt.

So does that mean we should give up on mLearning? Absolutely not. My advice is to think about what you can do. For example, when the time comes to upgrade your intranet platform or purchase a new Learning Management System (LMS), demand it be mobile responsive. From a pedagogical point of view, think less “training” and more “performance support” by putting content in a central location that can be accessed by any device in the moment of need. And when you do need to push content, consider a micro-learning approach that accommodates smaller screen sizes and unorthodox locations of learning.

The astonishing trajectory of consumer technology doesn’t frighten me. It inspires me.


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