GAMIFICATION is Key to Corporate Sales Training Success

Gamification has become increasingly on-trend in the eLearning realm. Proven more than a gimmick, gamification is claiming stakes as the must-have addition for top-notch eLearning.

As published by eLearning Industry, here I discuss:

How Gamification can Pimp your Corporate Sales Training!


When I was at school, there was a common (not funny) teacher joke that went something like this, “Don’t laugh, people will think you’re having fun.” Smiles were stifled and replaced with scorn but we couldn’t hide our guilty truth: we liked learning. So, should adults also have fun while they learn? Absolutely! Enter: Gamification.

Gamification has become increasingly on-trend in the eLearning realm. Proven more than a gimmick, gamification is claiming stakes as the must-have addition for top-notch eLearning. By definition, gamification is the use of game logic and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage and motivate learners in solving problems. That said, it is particularly effective for corporate sales training, let’s check out why.

1. Simulates the situation

Through clever application of game mechanics, a realistic on-the-job situation can be simulated – this is where gamification blows traditional theoretical corporate sales training out of sight. Learners can be placed in a virtual replica of their working environment with access to similar resources and tools needed to solve a problem.

2. Puts learners in control

Give them the power! Gamification allows learners to take the reins and control how they access content. ‘Pushing’ content is not hot right now, it’s all about letting learners ‘pull’ information as and when they want. Adult learning theory backs it up stating that adults prefer to learn through exploration … so let them loose!

3. Supports memorable, motivating learning experiences

Because gamification can set your learners up to solve real problems they face daily in their roles, the learning experience is more memorable, motivating, and engaging to boot. Do your learners forget best-practice sales tips from theory-based training? See how they go after gamified eLearning! Three words: knowledge retention amplified.

4. Provides instant feedback

Gamification offers many opportunities to check in and let learners know how they’re going. Let’s say gamification has been applied to a sales scenario where learners can choose their course of action through a customer consultation, instant feedback can be offered after each interaction or at the end using a leaderboard. Leaderboards are a great way to stir up some healthy competition among peers.

5. Awards achievement

How fun would Mario Brothers have been if you didn’t win invincibility every now and then? People love rewards. Through gamification, achievement throughout the learning experience can be rewarded adding an extra motivational push. Think collecting essential skill icons, unlocking key knowledge, or reaching the end of a level to gain something awesome.

6. Increases ROI

And now for the jewel in the crown: gamification can increase ROI for your corporate sales training. Good application of game mechanics means that your training can link directly to performance improvement making it that much more effective.

The Future Of Gamification

It’s safe to say, gamification is here to stay. So, where is it headed? eLearning gamification echoes cutting-edge technologies and innovations within the gaming industry. Think even more realistic learning experience potential using virtual and augmented reality. Expect to see more simulations, animations, and narrative-based games.

Here at PulseLearning, we’re excited about gamification in eLearning and think you will be too.

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