Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It\’s 10:00 am and your office building just caught fire. What would you like your employees to do? Define emergency preparedness, describe the risks associated with lack of planning, or quickly and safely evacuate the building? Unless your employees are fire-proof, you are most likely to choose the last option. Our goal at PulseLearning is to create real-world action-oriented training that changes behavior and improves your bottom line. So, how does it work?

First, we work with you to identify a business goal you would like to accomplish through training such as reducing safety incident reports by 75% in 2012. Sounds simple, right? However, most training often begins by identifying the knowledge employees should gain such as the emergency planning strategies and policies. Training for action means better results. We work with you to specify how that knowledge should be applied to improve your organization\’s bottom line and day-to-day operations.

Second, we target what the learner will have to do to accomplish the business goal. It is not enough to know the emergency plan. We want employees to apply it. Our Learning Specialists will work with you to design activities that require the learners to do what you need them to do. In a world of sparkling 3D apps, it is often assumed that this can only be accomplished through high budget Hollywood style simulations. However, effective action-based training can also be produced using plain text and a compelling story.

Finally, we identify the essential information that learners absolutely must know to complete the activities. Remember those emergency planning strategies and policies? We include them as resources and design activities that encourage the learner to reference them. Rather than overload the learner with information, we engage the learner by challenging what they know and, more importantly, what they do not know. We design question-provoking activities and are on hand to provide the answers learners seek. Knowledge becomes a by-product of action and not the sole foundation of training.

We believe that training should be memorable, meaningful, motivational and measurable. When a fire breaks out, we want everyone to safely and quickly evacuate the building. You can always ask them to describe the risks associated with lack of planning when they are safely on the ground floor. Rather than creating a workforce that “knows,” we want to help you train a work force that “does.” We want to help you achieve your business goal, because we know that when it comes to business, at the end of the day actions speak louder than words.

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