5 Benefits Of Online Induction Training

Online Induction Training – Because First Impressions Count!

Did you know that most people decide how long they will stay in their job within the first week of employment? So it’s important that your first impression is a good one. Successful induction courses are your chance to show new employees what makes your company tick and pave the way for an easy, enjoyable, and productive integration. The good news is that eLearning can help you do just that, in a cost-effective, accessible package.

5 Benefits Of Taking Your Induction Training Online

Let’s check out why taking your induction training online is an effective solution for employers and employees.

1. Decrease operation costs.

This is the biggie. Expect to see savings by bringing your induction training online. You won’t need other employees’ involvement to guide new starters through the process – a targeted online solution will do the work for you. With employees completing induction training on desktop computers, or even their own mobile devices, companies no longer need resources associated with inductions such as room space, printed material, and facilitators.

2. Deliver a clear, consistent message.

Face-to-face delivery opens itself to inconsistent messaging and relies greatly on the tone of the facilitator. Delivering induction training online gives an opportunity to create the best impression, consistently.

3. Put your learners in control.

It’s proven that adult learners like to take training into their own hands. Online induction training allows ease of access for learners on day one, or before. Learners can work through content at their own pace, repeat parts as necessary, and take as long as they need to complete the training.

4. Achieve 100% compliance.

An eLearning induction will enable you to track employee compliance without a paper trail. Online tracking ensures learners repeat any necessary content until compliance is achieved.

5. Reduce risk factors.

Traditional face-to-face training can expose you to risk that online training overcomes. For example, a new starter might only get their login details after they have completed induction, therefore reducing security risks. Also, you can be sure that employees have been informed about fire safety and emergency evacuation training before they start their role.

Effective Online Induction Training – A formula For Success.

So, what does an effective online induction training look like?

  • Is short and concise, taking learners around 30 minutes to complete
  • Welcomes learners to the organization
  • Has a distinct and appropriate tone that aligns with business values
  • Includes details of a company’s branding, values, culture, and ambitions
  • Contains effective interactions and is visually appealing
  • Uses videos, images, and virtual tours to orient learners

At PulseLearning, we believe that the formula for effective induction training consists of sound instructional design, effective visual appeal, and an appropriate course for our Clients’ infrastructure. The process kicks off with the instructional designer working closely with the client to understand the business philosophy, values, and daily operations. When this has been established, an aligned product can be created.

As you have just read, online inductions offer many business benefits including time, money, and convenience improvements. So, why not consider migrating your induction online? View our recent Induction Training Projects.

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