3 Benefits of Mobile App Development for Corporate Training

With many organizations moving to an on-demand training strategy where learning content is accessed when and where learners want, now may be the time to consider developing a mobile app. In this article, PulseLearning discusses how the mobile app development for corporate training can take your training experience to the next level.

The Power Of Mobile App Development For Corporate Training

eLearning has always followed closely on the heels of gaming and mobile technology trends and developments. Responding and reinterpreting these technological trends into the educational environment is vital for ensuring the corporate training experience remains current and engaging. With many organizations moving to an on-demand training strategy where learning content is accessed when and where learners want and supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approaches, now may be the time to consider developing a mobile app. By publishing learning assets in HTML5 format, your training can be accessed on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets in addition to a Learning Management System (LMS). In this article, PulseLearning discusses the power of mobile app development for corporate training.

1. Integrates The Mobile User Experience

Most people are experienced at using apps on personal smartphones. Using similar functionality for mobile learning apps has many advantages such as allowing learners to access content in familiar ways on demand, making them more open to in-the-moment learning opportunities. When the user experience (UX) is easily recognized and is intuitive, naturally more focus can be directed toward learning content.

2. Amplifies Learner Engagement

Many of us love apps. We have apps to tell us the name of songs and for catching the train on time. In fact, what did we do before apps?! Some apps might suck our time into a vortex; however, many are downright useful and fun. You can rethink adopting complicated gamification strategies and instead consider supporting your corporate training with an engaging app. For example, let’s say your organization has launched an initiative to boost employee leadership competencies. In addition to an online or blended learning solution, you could develop an app where learners rate their own leadership skills throughout the day and then take associated quizzes aligned to particular skills, receiving ratings from the app to cross-reference self-scoring. The app might even have functionality to post results to social networking platforms for discussion with colleagues or managers.

3. Future-Proofs Training Content

Mobile learning is one of the fastest moving educational developments. In 2014, the tipping point was reached with users of mobile devices outweighing desktop computer users worldwide

1. Now in 2016, the time users spend accessing mobile digital media is significantly higher at 51% compared to on desktop, which is 42%

2. It’s safe to say that mobile users will continue to increase. Statistics like these verify that app development will gain popularity and momentum over the next few years.

Beginning to include apps in your training suite now will not only put you at the forefront of educational innovation, it will future-proof your learning assets the more you migrate toward a mobile solution.

The corporate training landscape is rapidly moving away from traditional pedagogical push-style content toward models that allow learners to pull information as required. This means we need to design and develop learning materials with this in mind. The future of mobile learning might be a company-wide app store where learners pick and mix apps when they need them. One thing is certain; the power of mobile apps in learning is only just beginning to be discovered.

Final Word

Have you considered mobile app development? PulseLearning works closely with organizations to identify and document the learner\’s technology requirements to develop the most suitable web mobile or native mobile application. PulseLearning is an award-winning global learning provider experienced in learning consultancy and developing engaging and innovative eLearning and blended learning solutions.


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