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A one-size-fits-all approach to mobile learning does not work. Organizations sometimes choose a mobile learning  solution without considering the core training objectives and business goals.

At PulseLearning, we can support you to establish whether a mobile solution is correct by identifying the overarching training needs.

With these in mind, we can then determine whether mobile is the most effective training delivery method. When deployed correctly, mobile learning is a trusted innovation that will ultimately make life easier for your employees in today’s fast-paced, corporate training environment.

Incorporating mobile learning into your corporate learning strategy is essential for employees on the move. You need to ensure these employees remain up to date with training and the latest company information.mobile-learning

Mobile Learning has grown in complexity due to the ongoing introduction of new mobile devices, equipped with various browsers and operating systems. With the increased demand for mobile learning, Clients in turn need to understand the complexities and requirements involved in creating mobile learning courseware.

Our instructional designers and media developers are experienced in multiple mobile Learning solutions, including responsive design for multi-device delivery, HTML5 conversion, or bite-size mobile learning assets.

Benefits of mLearning include:

Increases employee motivation

It allows employees to complete training when and where they like, improving their willingness and enthusiasm toward learning.

Addresses all learning styles

Smart devices can cater for numerous learning styles including reading, video, podcasts, web research, and social media collaboration.

Utilizes employee downtime

Commuting home on the train, waiting for a long print job, or standing in line all become opportunities to optimize learning.

Provides social collaboration

Social networking tools are always within easy reach.

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