Are you looking to transform your compliance training from a necessary evil to a relevant good? Our philosophy at PulseLearning is that no matter how routinely training is required, training is never routine.

Every organization requires an effective compliance training program and auditing in this area is often non-negotiable.  Every opportunity to engage with your employees, talk with your teams, and listen to your leaders is an opportunity for motivation, innovation, and inspiration.

Learning is never a waste of time, so let’s not waste the opportunity to teach.

The transfer of knowledge cannot be underestimated or camouflaged by a “tick-the-box” mentality. Although compliance training is a cost, together we can translate that cost into an investment opportunity.

Working with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), BP, and Woolworths, among others, we know that 75% of large companies and 53% of smaller companies prioritize measuring the effectiveness of compliance training.  

Our Approach

PulseLearning’s Compliance Training programs duly meet all auditing and monitoring requirements; however, they are primarily crafted around having your employees comprehend and believe in what is inherent to your company policy.

Our Compliance solutions include Custom eLearning, Assessment, Localization, LMS, and Learning Portals services for industries such as technology, health care, finance, and pharmaceutical.

We communicate your priorities in a cost-effective manner across a variety of platforms to bring your message home.

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CASE STUDY: Compliance Training

Lifeways Group is a British social care company founded in 1995, which provides supported living services in community settings for adults with learning disabilities, autism, and brain injuries. Creating an environment where people feel safe, Lifeways works with each individual to build their confidence and skills and ultimately empowers them to lead richer and fuller lives as independently as possible.


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