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System Simulations

Practice makes perfect and PulseLearning ensures both! Fortune 500 companies come to us because they know that at PulseLearning, we get them.

Show Me, Teach Me, Test Me is our three-pronged system simulation learning approach.

  1. A Show Me introduces interface and navigation learning whereby the learner views the necessary steps in a system procedure.
  2. A Teach Me is the simulation that takes the learner by the hand and demonstrates how to complete tasks in a virtual mock-up of the system.
  3. A Test Me encompasses the simulation whereby real-life work scenarios are created and learners get to test their knowledge and comprehension of certain system features.

An empowered learner becomes an empowering teacher and an expert educator is an educated student.

The key challenge with system simulations training is providing learners with hands-on access to the system throughout the training program. When launching a new system or process, it is imperative to provide learners with lots of opportunities for practice.

When your systems are new and your people are new to them, partnered with PulseLearning, we can extend their comfort zone in their acquisition of new skills.

System-Simulation-Training-PulseLearningPulseLearning creates a safe environment for mistakes to be made and lessons to be learned, enabling failure to flourish into success.

We supply System Simulations Learning services across all areas covering Technology, Life Sciences, and Hospitality to include Clients such as the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Virgin Australia, and BP.

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