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Localization is total immersion, absolute absorption, to generate undiluted communication. To access localization in its purest form is to access the PulseLearning Localization services team.

Our solutions transcend translation. We capture the nuance of your customer’s environment, delve into the corners of their perspective, and deliver the subtlety of your content.

We partner our Localization services with Clients like InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), BP, and CA Technologies to deliver crafted localization services.

We localize 600,000 words per year and cater for 140 languages.

Ours is a long history in localization for global organizations. Every solution is individualized and cut to size measured by your business requirements.


With PulseLearning, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Our capabilities extend to localizing existing content, designing and localizing new content in multiple languages, and dubbing and subtitling videos. Geography is incorporated into every solution and every element of courseware supplied.

Localization-eLearning-PulseLearningWe remove the headache and get rid of the inconvenience. Working alongside us is to place your business into trusted hands toughened by experience. We work in real time with real schedules. Your priorities are PulseLearning’s priorities and though we release you to your business, we are chained to your values.

In partnering with us, you are acquiring a strong project management team with volumes of expertise, ensuring that across every language, border, and culture, nothing gets lost in translation.

PulseLearning not only created the content, they also supplied the localization resources to create the Food Safety course in three languages to support five geographies. More importantly for me, PulseLearning provided the necessary project management to bring this project to completion.” Kristina Ruckes, European Retail Capabilities Manager, BP Retail Europe


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