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Learning Market Strategy

What do you do when you have invested in an innovative, engaging eLearning course, one that ticks all the boxes, yet your audience fails to engage with it and sign up? This defines our Learning Market Strategy.

Organizations sometimes forget that creating the training courseware is just one part of training.

Marketing the courseware to capture the interest of the target audience is equally important.

Simply assuming that employees will take the training program is not uncommon as the only ‘marketing’ plan.

Promoting the advantages and benefits with your target audience is critical to ensuring the success of your training program. The typical response from your employees is often “I don’t have time for this.” By proactively communicating the benefits of the training program and building a detailed marketing plan in support, it will help overcome these obstacles.

Learning-Marketing-StrategyIn delivering on the marketing approach, it is important to answer the common question, “What’s in it for me?” By doing this, you will help build interest and excitement around the training courseware and you will lead with insights about your audience.

Your key stakeholders want to know how the training will help them in their day-to-day job and improve efficiencies, which will save them time on the job.


PulseLearning can support you in creating a marketing strategy and developing a coherent plan that will support the needs of your organization and its core team.

We can help you identify the key goals and objectives, identify your key stakeholders, articulate the training proposition, and choose the right channels with which you can reach your teams effectively.

Each training scenario is unique, but without marketing, the value of your training and the investment made is greatly undermined.

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