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Instructor Led Training

Given the increased use of technology, organizations may perhaps be of the view that Instructor Led Training (ILT) has had its day. However, ILT still has a place in many training programs and, in some cases, can provide a more effective method of presenting new or complex information than eLearning.

ILT can be more expensive than online training, it should be carefully planned to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency.

Instructor-Led Training is training facilitated by an instructor in a classroom setting or online. This type of training provides the learner with hands-on experience and allows interaction with the facilitator and other participants to discuss and question learning material.

Audio-ineLearning-PulseLearningAt PulseLearning, we focus all face-to-face time on highly engaging and interactive application of skills and information. In advance of face-to-face training, learners are given access to all the relevant module information and reference materials, which they can complete prior to attending. This allows the instructor to deliver and reinforce key messages from the material and avoids time wasting on less-important tasks.

Our Flipped Classroom Instructor-Led Training approach has measurably reduced the required classroom time from three days to one day for our Clients. This type of ILT empowers your organization to leverage technology and deliver training to your team wherever and whenever is most convenient for your team.

Here is a selection of components we include in our Flipped Classroom ILT approach:

  • Learner Components
  • Video demonstrations
  • Best practices job aids
  • Mentoring worksheet
  • Interactive eBook
  • Podcasts
  • Face-to-Face Components
  • Role play
  • Case analysis
  • Complex problem solving
  • Mentorship activities
  • Hands-on application of tools
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