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3D Interactive eLearning

Does your organization have a requirement for your people to have hands-on experience and knowledge of all new and existing equipment and weaponry? Budget-wise and time-wise, it does not make sense to maintain large volumes of training equipment. With PulseLearning’s innovative approach to equipment training, you do not need to.

PulseLearning’s interactive eLearning service is cost-effective, portable, and accessible.

We not only enable your people to visualise new equipment, but we empower them to master functions, perfect procedures, and tackle tasks.

PulseLearning offers a 3D simulation-based interactive elearning service, whereby your employees, partners, and customers get to learn, discover, and practice virtually.

Our solutions incorporate Virtual Task Trainers (VTT) that simulate the functionality of the equipment to enable your learners to learn, practice, and acquire competency in all new innovations; achieved in a risk-free environment.

PulseLearning’s instructional design team analyzes your learning plans and pinpoints your goals. We then use our results from that analysis to form the configuration of your 3D Interactive eLearning solution. Every service we provide is Client specific.

PulseLearning’s VTT services are in use by all arms of the U.K., U.S., and Canadian militaries and have been evidenced to accelerate learning by 60%. We work across all industries including Technology, Defence, Hospitality, and Life Sciences and our Clients include the British Army, the Canadian Armed Forces, and NGRAIN.

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