If you are considering Mobile Learning for Corporate Training, then this eBook from PulseLearning is an informative resource to get you moving. In the eBook, you’ll find answers to the critical questions on the need for mobile learning in corporate training.

PulseLearning have created this free, information-packed eBook to help answer your questions to determine whether Mobile Learning is right for your organization and how to get started with the right approach.

Topics covered in the eBook include:

  • Defining Mobile Learning for Corporate Training
  • Is Mobile Learning Right for Your Corporate Training?
  • Which Organization Are You? What Is Your Corporate Training Mobile Strategy?
  • Designing Corporate Training with Mobile in Mind
  • How to Develop Mobile Learning for Corporate Training: The Difference Between Responsive Design and Adaptive Design
  • How to Develop Mobile Learning for Corporate Training: Determining the Right Technology
  • What’s Next for Mobile Learning in Corporate Training?

Throughout this eBook we’ll explore Mobile Learning in detail. You’ll learn why Mobile Learning for Corporate Training can no longer be ignored and how to begin to implement a Mobile Learning strategy for your organization.


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