Case Study

Professional Services

Grant Thornton is the fifth largest accounting network in the world. Grant Thornton International has a wide number of member firms representing 40,000 people in over 135 countries.

Every year, several Grant Thornton accountants are promoted to Audit Team Managers. To assist individuals in making the transition, Grant Thornton provided a five-day classroom-based course on-site in Vancouver or Halifax. However, following a number of sessions, participants and managers expressed some concerns over the course content and duration. It was felt that a full week was too long and the course focused too much on the technical side of audit management rather than on leadership and interpersonal skills. This resulted in managers who graduated from this course not meeting company expectations.

Grant Thornton engaged PulseLearning to review the existing course content and create a balanced and engaging course entitled Leading Audit Team for Business Success.

To meet this need, PulseLearning paired a Lead Instructional Designer with the Grant Thornton Subject Matter Expert in Halifax for a two-day intensive design session. The revamped course was designed to include:

  1. A pre-assessment to determine the level of pre-reading participants needed to do before attending the class
  2. Pre-readings and activities to get the participants thinking from a more managerial perspective
  3. Modules that were more focused to include interactive components and in-class exercises
  4. A post-assessment to determine participant success

The new training was piloted across a group of newly promoted Audit Team Managers and the feedback was extremely positive. Users found the new training program easy to follow and due to the self-paced nature were able to actively engage at a time that suited existing daily commitments.