Case Study

The Four Productivity Habits

Commonwealth Bank Australia, commonly called CBA, is the largest bank in Australia. CBA have over 46,000 employees globally and operate 1,000 branches across Australia.

As one of the big four banks in Australia, CBA is very experienced in the utilization of eLearning. Productivity is one of the key strategic priorities for CBA and to support this, a group-wide learning solution was required to build understanding about productivity and the lean strategies for waste reduction. CBA required an innovative partner to creative an engaging blended learning solution to introduce what are known as “Four Productivity Habits” to staff across CBA and encourage behavioral change.

PulseLearning and the CBA Business Productivity team worked together to brainstorm the key messages, define each habit, and understand how they work within the organization. The team then created possible scenarios and examples to illustrate the content, which could be deployed in numerous modalities including eLearning, video, mentoring, and quick reference guides. PulseLearning and CBA pushed the boundaries by avoiding the traditional “talking head” approach to corporate training videos. A creative approach based on the hugely successful TV program “The Office” was developed, incorporating its humor, friendly characters (focused on productivity), interviews, and interesting team dynamics.

Very positive feedback was received from the CBA business unit and CBA Learning and Development team in response to the new approach. They commented that the blended solution provided by PulseLearning was excellent and that the courseware was very creative, engaging, and well designed.