Case Study

IT Software Training

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) is the fourth largest bank in Australia; it has 48,000 employees globally and operates 800 bank branches across Australia.

In 2012, the ANZ Information Technology (IT) team launched two internal software tools to improve resourcing, accountability, and reporting of company projects. ANZ needed a learning solution partner to create a specific training program detailing the why and the how to of using these tools. They also needed an employee rollout strategy as part of the learning program.

Our team here at PulseLearning and the ANZ IT team worked collaboratively to construct a sequence of learning assets in support of the key requirements. The assets were developed using the existing materials, which included video, emails, PowerPoint slides, assessments, and support resources. PulseLearning recommended the use of cartoon hand-scribed videos, depicting real on-the-job scenarios to show (not just tell) the why, which ensured that employees obtained deeper insights into the reasons for the software tools launch.