Swift Adoption of Business Systems Upgrade (SAP)

The Challenge

Our client, CA Technologies, needed to ensure the rapid and accurate adoption of new and modified internal business procedures in their upgrade of SAP. In an effort to radically remake their processes into more efficient and effective standards, they instituted a customized version of SAP covering their worldwide operations. Each SAP upgrade involves ten thousand learners or more. The client required each task or topic to be presented in a separate learning object to make it easy for learners to find the exact help they need while working.

The Solution

PulseLearning integrated professional services consultants within CA’s Chief Learning Office. PulseLearning instructional designers (IDs), working side-by-side with CA Technologies IDs, partnered with CA Technologies subject matter experts (SMEs) to determine the breadth, depth, sequence and logical chunks of content to be taught. Where possible, content was leveraged across several departments or functional areas for efficiency and consistency.

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CA Technologies – Professional Services Case Study