By PulseLearning | Apr 2010

PulseLearning Launches Customisable Food Safety Training for the U.K.

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Ensuring your staff follows food safety rules can be challenging. When employees are coming and going so quickly, it seems like as soon as you’ve trained them, they leave. Not to mention that trying to get employees together for training is expensive and hard to coordinate. Never the less, if you don’t ensure they are following the rules, your business may get a reputation for being dirty or even dangerous.

English is not everyone’s first language. How do you know that they’ve understood the training? If someone gets sick, the story may end in media coverage you would rather avoid. You may be cited with a violation and find yourself paying compensation. Violations can cost you from £1,000 to £100,000 per incident! If the cleanliness situation is dire, the authorities can completely shut your business down. What’s worse, if someone dies, not only would you have to live with this on your conscience, you may well find yourself in jail. In short, the need for fantastic food safety training for your employees is critical to the success of your business and your personal peace of mind. Learn more…


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