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By PulseLearning | Aug 2013

How IHG made Savings of £2 million through the Adoption of eLearning

Providing effective and efficient learning and development solutions for staff across 4,600 hotels in the InterContinental Hotel Group was a difficult challenge in recent years.

Before the eLearning program was rolled out, employee performance was influenced by the regional learning facilitators that were accessible to them. The result was inconsistent employee performance to all aspects of risk management.

PulseLearning offered a tailored solution to meet all of IHG’s needs:
1. Custom-built courses
2. An e-calendar
3. An e-resource centre
4. Online coaches
5. Online toolkits
6. An online reference library
7. E-surveys

The Results
• 82% of employees surveyed reported that eLearning was beneficial in assisting them to perform their jobs.
• The 2012 annual staff safety survey reported a 1.9% increase on the 2011 scores.
• IHG saw a substantial increase in the number of employees attending risk eLearning courses.
• IHG reported a reduction in the number of employee and property insurance claims.
• Significant savings for IHG on travel and accommodation costs.

The Full IHG Case Study is Available here:

Full IHG Case Study

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