By PulseLearning | Jan 2015

Corporate Training: The Enterprise Learning Framework

At PulseLearning, we often used the Bersin & Associates Enterprise Learning Framework® to help our clients think through the modern world of corporate training.

As you can see, the framework has numerous channels and categories. Here we will give you a brief understanding of how the framework can be beneficial to you in your corporate training decision making.

The Enterprise Learning Framework has six main areas:

  1. 1. Learning Programs (the solution-oriented training solutions you deliver)
  2. 2. Audiences & Problems (a clear segmentation of your audiences and their specific needs)
  3. 3. Learning Approaches (the four ways in which learning solutions are developed and delivered)
  4. 4. Learning Disciplines (the things you as an Learning and Development professional must now know to stay current in this area)
  5. 5. Tools & Technology (the vast array of technology you can rely on to build and deliver these learning solutions)
  6. 6. Learning Culture (the underlying business processes, management processes, and talent management programs that support enterprise learning)

Framing these six key areas are the topics of Organization, Governance, and Management and the topic of your organization’s Learning Architecture. In today’s corporate training environment, Learning and Development professionals must rethink how the training department is organized, how it operates, and how to build a complete architecture that helps employees and training managers decide what method to use under what business conditions. Often, a number of these areas are not considered or thought to be unimportant when deciding an organization’s training strategy.

Today, the corporate training environment is continuously transitioning. While in the past eLearning certainly forced organizations to invest and learn in many ways, today’s Clients are looking for even more effective and blended learning solutions. Now is the time to rethink how your corporate training works for organization. By taking a step back and incorporating the Enterprise Learning Framework, we believe you will find tremendous opportunities to add value to your organization’s training programs.

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